Welcome to our world, where tradition and purity come together to create an unforgettable experience. Explore the essence of tradition and purity in every bottle, and savor the beauty of nature’s gifts.

Our Philosophy

JustPressed’s every step taken is rooted in our heritage. We choose the finest ingredients, respecting the seasons and nature’s cycles. We use a gentle process called wood cold pressing to extract the oil, preserving its nutrients and flavors.

We believe in keeping our oils pure and free from anything artificial. By choosing our wood cold pressed oils, you’re not just making a healthy choice, but also joining a journey that connects the past, present, and future.

About Company

Mahesh Agro Industries has been providing reliable oil extraction services from seeds for the last 40 years, focusing mainly on the southern region of India. We have tapped into the abundance of raw materials in the region and leveraged access to the port for our import and export needs.

Our oil extraction process involves cold press and low heat extraction, which produces superior quality oils for customers that prioritize their health or require lower-volume oil extraction. We also offer refinery processing of raw materials like rice bran at a more affordable rate.

We are proud of our diverse and experienced team that forms our backbone, enabling us to deliver exceptional services year after year. With our commitment to unrivaled quality and consistency, we work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations.

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