Coconut Safflower Energy Combo


Safflower and Coconut is a match made in heaven. On one hand Safflower protects your heart and on the other Coconut revitalizes you. Improve your blood sugar levels and maintain the energy with this combo

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Detailed Description

Our Safflower wood-cold pressed oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the safflower plant. This is a staple flower of India and the oil is extracted through a mechanical pressing process without the use of heat or chemicals, preserving its nutritional properties. The oil is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, particularly omega-6 fatty acids, beneficial for heart health. With a high smoke point, safflower oil is ideal for high-temperature cooking. It contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that supports skin health and protects cells from damage. Safflower oil may help manage cholesterol levels and promote a balanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. It is a versatile addition to a healthy diet and offers potential benefits for both cooking and skincare routines.

Our Wood Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is a product deeply rooted in tradition and culture. Harvested from the finest coconuts and processed using ancient techniques, this oil carries a legacy of nourishment and wellness. The oil is made from fresh and mature coconuts, which are handpicked and processed to retain their natural goodness. It is an excellent source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) that helps in boosting metabolism and aiding digestion. Our coconut oil is versatile and can be used in cooking, baking, and many other utilities.

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How fast will I receive my order?

All orders placed today will be dispatched tomorrow morning from our local warehouses. 90% of our orders are delivered 1 day. In rare cases, it takes an extra day.

Why is my oil clear, is it refined?

JustPressed oils are cold pressed in wood and stone mills and 100% not refined. It is passed through cotton fabric to remove seed particles. This ensures there’s no foaming or splattering while you cook with the oil. That’s why the oil looks clear.

Can I use it for everyday cooking?

Cold pressed coconut oil has a sweet nutty taste. It is ideal for seasoning and garnishing. 2 spoonfuls a day is healthy for a balanced diet. Cold pressed groundnut oil is best for everyday cooking.

What is the shelf life of the product?

Cold pressed coconut oil has a shelf life of 6 months.

What if I’m not happy with the product?

JustPressed products are minimally processed to retain the original taste, aroma and nutrition. And so flavour and colour slightly varies from batch to batch. If you are not satisfied with the quality, please reach out to us for a return/exchange.

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